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Made with Fire Roasted Hatch Chiles & Habaneros

Fire-roasted Hatch chiles from Hatch, New Mexico and Habanero gourmet, all-natural hot sauce. It has a nice balance of heat and natural sweetness from the caramelization of roasting the chiles. Goes great on pizza, cheeseburgers, green chili chicken enchiladas, breakfast burritos, omelets and much much more.


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Customer Reviews

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Hatchanero a well balanced sauce

For my palate, the Hatchanero, or "Hatch" as some fans call it, is a step up from the Garlicky Greengo sauce where level of heat is discussed, and not quite as potent as the Evil Ooze Hatch has a taste all its own, but could be compared to the Greengo, with a flavor that is more pepper, less garlic. It is a great balance of heat and flavor for those who aren't sure where their personal tolerance of heat is. It can get a little warm if you eat it quickly, but it--like some of the other sauces--will also ramp down in heat quickly if you'll take a break from it for a few minutes. Great stuff!

Really great hot sauses

I first tried garlicky gringo at restaurant on shrimp tacos. Great addition. Asked the server about it and where they got it but she didn't know. Later that night it popped up on my FB feed and I ordered 2 bottles and salsa and love all of it. Looks like a heat for everyone.

Great Expectations

I recently ordered Some sauce from Hotline Pepper products. Having tried Garlicky Greengo and Evil Ooze, my expectations was high, but it was just off the charts good. I love the subtle kick it has and I will be using it on many things. It might be at my threshold of hotness, so probably will not be graduating to the Ghost pepper. But I love All three I’ve had.

The best salsa I've ever had

this is 3rd 3 pack in 4 months, i think I'm addicted

Best flavor for any recipe

This one is just hot enough for me. Flavors are amazing. Doubled up on my next order.😄